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Now that more users join the Internet and spend more time surfing different websites, social platforms or checking their email, it becomes imperative to have a service Email Marketing. While it is easy to send mail to a list of customers, it can be tedious if you do it for more than one thousand contacts. Moreover if we send information daily or monthly newsletters, where we present the services offered by the company or information about new products to be launched onto the market, which obviously needs a marketing campaign via email. If you are searching for Email providers then you should visit our official website We offer one of the most powerful for marketing through the Web tools. 

Email marketing is the use of email for direct marketing communications, which generally consist of commercial campaigns for customer acquisition and loyalty actions. With our services you can send email Marketing campaigns e-Cards, cards, newsletters, promotions, news, alerts, news, events and invitations, subscriptions and other information in a fast, safe, economical and measurable. Our expert advices to design and manage your email marketing campaigns and after using our services increase your business. Our experience and resources in the development of their campaigns, analyzing the different variants that are enables Email Marketing campaign and seeking to exceed the goals and objectives. We Design and production of parts and creative content. We take care of filtering your contacts, correction and segmentation of databases. Bounced email management for future campaigns. We deliver your email marketing campaign, is designed by us or content submitted by you, and perform monitoring.

By definition, the "Email Marketing" concept refers to the execution of marketing activities using email as a communication medium. It is very common also considered "email marketing" to all mass communications by email, with or without commercial purposes. Its applications are numerous: customer loyalty campaigns, newsletter with news and special offers, newsletters, content, call for activities and events, surveys or internal communications between employees. While many talk about this concept, the reality is that few managers take advantage of this tool to endorse their manufactured goods and enhance consumer relationships. Email marketing is inexpensive, proactive (action encourages the recipient), massive cash (high ROI), measurable and allows repetitive sales. Main reasons for selecting Interactive Marketing for your campaign e-mail marketing. We are experts in campaigns e-mail marketing and use the most advanced and reliable platforms.

 We work with you to build databases of subscribers and help you identify databases associations, media and high influx sites for your campaign e-mail marketing.  We work with your company to draft the appropriate "Subject" that translates into better results. This component indicates what the message is about and is the vehicle which decides whether the message is read or not. We work with you to draft the "Message". Meet customer preferences and take into account technological capabilities at the time of sending the message. Of the latter it will depend on what version send text, HTML or both. It must also contain offers or really valuable customer information. 

We recommend the best date and time sent. We must take into account the date and time when the e-mail is sent. Any questions or issues that make customers must be answered within a maximum of 24 hours. We prepare analytical reports and help you interpret the results of the analysis by the campaign e-mail marketing. So here we get proper knowledge about Email providers and its advantages to promote business. 

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