The 12 major advantages of e-mail marketing


1. Large cost savings

The use of e-mail marketing will allow your company to reduce costs in every step of making your advertising campaign. With proper tool you will gain efficiency and competitiveness quickly. The services that will reduce or eliminate costs are:

    Handlers direct marketing
    Creativity of advertising agencies
    Post or courier
    Data Broker

2. Reduction of time

The use of a professional management system for commercial e-mail will allow management efficiencies unreached so far.

Traditional communication planning requires a minimum two to three weeks. The e-mail marketing can reduce lead time dramatically:

    Long periods without planning
    with immediate execution
    with delivery times or instant delivery
    with unparalleled frequency cycles

3. Format flexibility

The e-mail marketing offers the ability to configure all forms that manifest in communication and commercial management of the new company:

    A notice
    Offers of products or services
    Invitations to events

But in addition, the flexibility of the treatment of content is no less important. The diversity of clients and ways to communicate will force us to include different file formats or additional elements. The e-mail marketing is the tool that best adapt the different formats to the receiver of the information.

4. A cost-effective customization

The properly drawn customization ensures the success of any action and decisively reduces the cost, since it eliminates the cost of not actual shipments.

5. A means fully live

The reception is made only by the person subject of the communication. Other means do not prevent reception of information passes directly but invariably filters that prevent or delay the receipt of correct recipient.

6. No limits on the amount of information

Digital processing allows the volume of information sent to their recipients no longer a drawback and also makes this information is structured so that reading is intuitive and easy to handle.

7. Minimum Investment

Companies do not need large investments to launch a campaign e-mail marketing since this method:

    Eliminates the fixed costs of realization
    Reduced to the lowest levels the cost impact
    It allows to know and manage costs tightly previously, bringing the investment control is total.

8. Universality

The e-mail marketing gives the possibility of immediate contact with any part of the world can handle any peculiarity regardless of the different conditions in each country (complexity of managing multiple communication rates, media use, modes of transmission and especially time management reception of communications). It is an essential attribute of the email, which is at the service of the purposes of direct marketing.

There is no other medium that enables the universality so extraordinarily low cost.

9. Proactive Message

A different formula as the banner or just the Web, which are reactive since they require an action from the recipient, the e-mail managed with professional tools gives proactivity on the receiver as it pushes the message to the receiver and not the other. That is, the e-mail marketing acts on the receptor, without waiting for his reaction.

10. Middle nonintrusive

Receiving a desired communication makes it not intrusive, provided that one of the golden rules of the new online communication is follow: deliveries are made only to those recipients who so desire and the content they want. If so, the success of their campaigns is assured. But also it eliminates the cost of unnecessary shipments and dramatically increases the ROI of their marketing.

11. Open channels of dialogue with recipient campaigns

Place an order, a security update, file a complaint, respond to a form to request information about a product or service, ask the lower of shipments, are daily tasks that the failure to use email marketing systems, the dilates time making them more complex. The reality is that traditional processes raise the possibility of error due to distractions or even negligence on the no systemization of work.

The e-mail marketing allows immediate response times or, at least, faster and more comfortable. The answer is a simple mouse click.

12. It allows an effective measurement of results

This is the eternal debate. The inability to accurately measure the results does not reveal with certainty whether the investment is successful or how much of it has obtained the results. What is even worse, it prevents any improvement process to refine each and every one of Communication elements: target, segmentation, and communication tone, content.

The tools allow email marketing follow accuracy and in real time the results of a campaign in its entirety, of the communications sent and the processing and tabulation of results for immediate automatic  analysis not only be access that information, but the complexity of treatment and measurement or tabulation of these results will be automatically performed.

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